The Kerala State Self Financing Pharmacy College Managements Association (KSSPCMA) has decided to conduct a separate selection procedure for admission to the Pharmacy courses – B.Pharm, Pharm.D, D.Pharm, M.Pharm & Pharm.D (PB) Courses in the Member Colleges except for NRI seats and seats that may be set apart for allotment by the state and by the individual Member Colleges. Basically the B.Pharm course offers graduation in Pharmaceutical sciences which is the minimum qualification accepted for a registered Pharmacist in most of the developed countries. This course teaches students how to prepare and dispense medicine and make the students to convey the drug related information to the public. This course enables graduates to clear doubts about the prescriptions given by the doctors and can give more valuable advices on the health care programmes.

Pharmacy graduates are capable of evaluating drugs and drug use pattern. In the western countries, we understand diagnosis of the patients is done by the Doctors but the Pharmacists decide in the medicine and their dosage. Therefore, Pharmacy graduates have important role and can earn attractive remuneration and can occupy strategic positions. In the fast developing world, Research and Development (R&D;) in the Pharmaceutical industry is growing and advancing at a very high speed which calls for pharmacy graduates with attractive financial package in spite of the economic crisis prevailing now.